Kavya Nayak


Youth Volunteer Leader

Kavya Nayak is currently a sophomore at Robbinsville High school. Since she her elementary school days, she has been an enthusiastic participant in Aadhyatmik events and activities. Over time, she has helped coordinate Aadhyatmik community events as a youth volunteer by helping prepare and speaking at Aadhyatmik events. She also has played a key role in Aadhyatmik’s outreach efforts and has been leading the social media messaging and website development.

These efforts have shaped her desire to seek a career in public service and government affairs. In addition to Aadhyatmik, Kavya is pursuing an internship at the Robbinsville Township offices and also has helped aid immigration efforts for the Indian American community through an internship at Dalal and Mehta Associates who are becoming more involved with Aadhyatmik. Kavya is thankful to Aadhyatmik for helping her connect to her Indian roots and giving her an opportunity to serve the community.

    In my role as the youth volunteer leader at Aadhyatmik, I lead management of Aadhyatmik’s digital footprint – specifically the Aadhyatmik website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In collaboration with other youth leaders and student volunteers, my focus is on building directed content that highlights various Aadhyatmik events. My efforts help build Aadhyatmik’s brand image and spread awareness of our efforts.

    Some of the tasks I focus on are :
    a. Defining our digital content strategy : This involves working with various Aadhyatmik advisory board member to get a strong understanding of Aadhyatmik’s philosophy and various programs, and working these into our website designs. Additionally, I collect feedback from various members and use this to modify how we structure our content. I also work with our technology partner to share these updates and have these reflected into our website.
    b. Managing Aadhyatmik social media accounts : We maintain a repository of photographs and other event materials, that we use to periodically share on our social media platforms. These help share information with the community and also drive interest/participation in our efforts.
    c. Promoting Individual events : Here, I work with individual event owners to design and collect event promotional material, such as event write-ups, photographs and other messaging and work with our technology partner to have these updated on our website.

    I have been an Aadhyatmik volunteer since my childhood and this has helped me better understand my cultural heritage and the rich traditions that have shaped my culture. I have been a volunteer at our annual Diwali cultural events and the Diwali Parade, where a group of us students co-ordinate activities such as setting up the venue and putting up decorations, setup of sponsor and vendor booths, managing event flow and post-event cleanup. I am personally most excited about helping with our event “Sanskriti” – working with seniors in our community and helping bring a smile to their faces.

    I have been fortunate to be a part of a platform like Aadhyatmik, that has helped me get in touch with my roots and core principles of my cultural heritage – bringing a spirit of togetherness and giving joy to others. These efforts have shaped my desire to seek a career in public service and government affairs. In addition to Aadhyatmik, I work as an intern at the Robbinsville Township offices and help with various local initiatives. I have also worked as a volunteer with Dalal and Mehta Associates, a patron of Aadhyatmik, to aid immigration efforts for the Indian American community. I hope to continue this journey in the future and help make a difference to other’s lives through aadhyatmik and other such channels.