Sangat, derived from an ancient Indic term, embodies the profound concept of a fellowship within a community. This notion closely aligns with community conversations, which serve as platforms for discussions on issues that have the potential to generate impactful ideas for the betterment of the community at large.

Aadhyatmik embarked on this transformative journey with the primary objective of bridging the gap between the diverse Indian diaspora and the unique perspectives prevalent in American culture. This endeavor delves into contemporary issues, such as  exploring the nuanced meaning of spirituality in the era of Artificial Intelligence. The Sangat meets, organized with great purpose, act as conduits for reflective discussions, aiming to sow the seeds of inspiration that resonate not only within Robbinsville but extend their influence beyond, engaging public systems, businesses, and individuals in diverse conversations.


The Sangat community conversations are intentionally designed to nurture the exchange of successes, innovations, challenges, and the resilient spirit among the members of the Robbinsville community. Beyond this, they also serve as a platform to celebrate the distinguished accomplishments of the diaspora members, fostering a sense of collective pride. The facilitated conversations on the Sangat platform aspire to forge a fellowship among residents who are determined to find locally driven solutions to the complex issues facing our planet and communities.

Every Sangat meet features esteemed guests, individuals who bring the wealth of their life’s work and experiences to the forefront, encouraging attendees to perceive solidarity and mutual respect in a new light. These gatherings strategically target the utilization of innovative thinking and tools to bolster the community’s capacity for local innovation, thereby enriching the lives of its people.