Ananya Chopra

ananya chopra

Robbinsville High School Senior aadhyatmik Youth Volunteer Leader

What I do at Aadhyatmik:

In my role as the Youth Volunteer Outreach Leader at aadhyatmik Inc., I am honored to collaborate with fellow high school students to foster community engagement and cultural understanding. Through aadhyatmik events that celebrate Indian heritage, we are not only preserving our rich traditions but also sharing them with the diverse community of Robbinsville. One of my pivotal roles revolves around the organization of the Diwali Parade, a cultural extravaganza that unites thousands of residents in celebration. The magic of this colorful celebration begins in the early hours of the day when I, along with dedicated team members, arrive at the event venue to transform through colorful, spiritually significant decorations is awe-inspiring. The bustling activity, the careful arrangement of art and decor, and the collaborative effort of volunteers culminate in a breathtaking display of colors and traditions. Being a part of this process is not just a responsibility; it’s a deeply gratifying experience that reinforces the power of community and the spirit of giving back. As the Youth Leader, I have taken on diverse responsibilities, from raising charitable donations on behalf of aadhyatmik for Robbinsville Meals on Wheels, Firefighters, and Police to choreographing hip-hop performances on Bollywood songs for high school students, thereby adding a unique perspective to the Robbinsville Parade’s rich cultural tapestry. Another aadhyatmik event that I have been closely associated with is “Sangat”, a social meet-up that connects the community to thought leaders and local artists. “Comedy4Cause” was one such Sangat in which we hosted a stand-up comedy show to raise money for The Anchor House, a Trenton-based 45-year-old shelter for at-risk and runaway teens.

I took on the responsibility of crafting the event’s flyer and went door-to-door to advertise and sell tickets for this event. Through carefully curated social media posts, I shared the event’s details and the mission behind it. I set up a vibrant booth at Robbinsville’s National Night Out. Amidst the festivities, I organized games and prizes. Through these interactions, I not only sold tickets but also created moments of connection, where people understood that their participation was not just for an evening of entertainment but for a cause that deeply mattered. On the day of the event, I arrived several hours early to set up the tables and arrange the food. As guests started to arrive, I stood at the entrance, ensuring that every individual felt the warmth of our community’s embrace. In the end, we were able to raise $1300 on behalf of aadhyatmik. I also organized an art therapy session at the Robbinsville Senior Center, teaching participants about mandalas and guiding them through different patterns with my example. While soothing music played in the background, they created their own unique designs. It was a calming and enriching experience for everyone involved.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of aadhyatmik, an organization that embodies the spirit of community, and I am committed to continuing my unwavering dedication to making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

What I aspire to be:

As an aspiring quant who has been studying the stock markets for the past four years and holds a Chartered Market Technician Level 1 Certification, my background in financial education has brought attention to the significant disparities in financial literacy. I have dedicated my efforts to addressing this gap, particularly through my website, I aim to make financial education readily available to aspiring investors and those needing financial literacy resources. With this goal, I could not have been more excited when the opportunity presented itself to organize a Sangat on wealth management for the community through aadhyatmik. Featuring the distinguished speaker panel of experts from Wall St., this assembly focused on 3 specific areas from the perspective: living wills, 1031 forms, and portfolio optimization. Learning about wealth management is important because it empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions and secure their financial future. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively budget, save, invest, and plan for retirement, helping to grow and protect wealth over time. By understanding wealth management principles, people can minimize financial stress, achieve their financial goals, and ensure they have the resources they need for a comfortable and secure life.